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Maryland In-Law Suite Solution!

Considering the cost of living for folks looking for amenities in the later stages of life; in-law suites are a great option.

We have trained contactors to design these types of spaces. CAPs design or certified aging in place is about creating an in-law suite space that have good access in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

Some of our clients want us to create a design for their next 15 years. That might include products such as a handicap ramp. Those ramps have special requirements for the slope, width, type of handrails and more.

Shower spaces with no thresholds, multiple grab bars, different types of shower heads – hand held, body jets, rain fall, slide bars, to name a few, are typical products.

We are experts in the design and the construction of additions and in-law suite projects.









Here are some before and after pics of a recent project:



Here are some interior pics from the same project:




Here is the rear elevation: